Corporate growth in the age of startups.

Understanding when, why, and how corporations can collaborate with startups.

The Spectrum of Startup Engagement

How can corporations use startup collaborations to drive real value? 

The short answer is “it’s hard, and it depends”. But there are some key learnings that can help you get started. 

This report, based on survey responses, interviews with both startup and corporate stakeholders, and our own experiences working with both corporations and startups, is our attempt to answer:

  • What do startup/corporate collaborations actually look like?
  • What are startup's perspectives on working with large corporations?
  • How can working together drive value for both startups and corporations?

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Highline Beta is a startup co-creation and venture capital firm.

We partner with enterprises to invest in and build the future of their industries. Combining the experience of enterprises, agility of startups, and methodology of investors, we’re building a new model for corporate growth and venture capital.



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